SIAL Sound Studios Diffusion System

Picture 2-laptop snaps

Development of the second stage of the SIAL Sound Studios multi-channel sound diffusion system (phew!). Enhancements include revisions of the User Interface including the addition of a 3D representation of speaker and source positions and motion. Support for VBAP and ambisonic panning methods (currently based on IRCAM SPAT 4)  Functional modules are added to a project which can be customised for each application. Spatializer channel strips incorporate interacting Navigational (aed) and Cartesian (xyz) co-ordinate input methods. Assignable OSC-based controller learning and range-mapping for automated or real-time hardware control of I/O channel settings and spatialization channel parameters. Project management features include global state recall, preset-file based saving and loading of module presets and SQLite database storage and retrieval of core project settings.

Programmed in Max/MSP/Jitter


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