Steve (Stelios) Adam has harboured a long-term fascination with music, sound and its associated technologies. After studying electronics and establishing a career in broadcasting, he returned to further study, pursuing composition and music technology at La Trobe University in Melbourne and continued as a postgraduate student in electroacoustic composition and computer music under the guidance of David Hirst and Jeff Pressing.

As a composer and sound designer, Steve has created works for a variety of media, installations and live productions and performed with instrumentalists, ensembles, choirs and interactive music systems of his own design. His electro-acoustic works have been broadcast nationally and performed in Europe, the US and Asia and Australasia and some works appear in recordings by Move Records, ANU and ABC Classics.

Informed by some the requirements and technical challenges of these projects, he occasionally consults for other artists and organisations to develop software designs for specialised media-based projects or to provide technical advice and support in A/V production environments.

Over the years, Steve has presented, taught and lectured in sound, music composition and technology at various Australian Institutions Including La Trobe University (his alma mater), Monash University, QUT, RMIT, Melbourne Polytechnic and AIM (Australian Institute of Music)


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