BCD Collective


A screengrab of a recent version of the real-time-VideoTracer software output

Since around 2006 I’ve been sporadically collaborating with Eiichi Tosaki who practices a technique of independent two-handed spatial drawing he calls Bi-manual Co-ordinated Drawing (BCD). This is one of the earliest projects in which I engaged more deeply with the Jitter part of Cycling74’s Max with the initial aim of generating a musical response from the patterns he was drawing.  Using a camera, Eiichi would draw with two coloured LED’s (one red one blue) against a dark background. The tracked co-ordinates could be used to generate a variety of music patterns. The video component of the tracked LEDs was also used to create a visual image in real-time, which while initially pretty basic, got much better with time (and faster computers to work with) – as you can see in the image above. We’ve also tried using a Kinect for tracking which works ok (and can provide 3d traces), but things tend to get a little jittery when the the hands get too close to each other as is often the case in the many patterns. Most recently a broader collaborative effort has result in more ‘spacious’ results like this one here a version of which is appearing at this years Tokyo Wonder Festival


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